About Snoho & Mishea Roofing Tools

Snoho and Mishea are seasoned roofing partners who sell and distribute some of the finest roofing tools in the south. Rick Snoho was born and raised in Milledgeville, GA where he learned his roof-working skills from his father and grandfather. Throughout high school and during his breaks from college, Rick would help is father with the family’s roofing business. This is where he found his love for creating the home aesthetic through roofing. Dan Mishea was raised in Eatonton, GA. He and Rick met during college and this is where they decided they wanted to start a business together. Rick’s knowledge of the roofing industry made Snoho and Mishea the perfect distributor of roofing tools. Since then, they have been inseparable roofing distribution partners.

Snohomishea prides itself in distributing and selling the highest quality roofing tools. The company knows the roofing market well and believes that you are only as good as your tools. Because of this, Snohomishea has been providing roofing tools to laborers and contractors all across the south. We sell and distribute a variety of roofing tools. Some of our most consistent best sellers are your simplest demo, cutting, and roofing application tools. However, thee roofing industry is constantly changing and evolving as new laws regarding insulation and chemicals are put into place and as new, quicker roofing application methods arise. Snohomishea continually puts themselves on the leading edge of the market and is one of the first sellers and distributors to put new roofing technology on the market. We sell and distribute some of the newest roofing technology tools because we find they are essential and helping our contractors and laborers perform their best. These tools also allow them to perform their jobs more safely, quickly, and significantly more efficiently, resulting in less wasted time for them and for their customers.

While Snohomishea is based out of Milledgeville, GA, we have numerous  distribution and sales centers across the south. Each of our sales and distribution centers is operated by a team of roofing and technology experts who will be there to guide and help you from the second you walk in the door. Whether you want an opinion on a tool comparison or you need help with your commercial roofing needs, Snohomishea will be here for you. We are proud to stand by each of our partners in the roofing and construction industries. Our experts are here to help each and every person who walks through our doors and you will find that our experience in the industry makes our service unmatched.

If you find you are in the market for new roofing tools or for a new tool distributor, Snoho and Mishea is here for you. Please reach out to Rick, Dan, or one of our expert team members to help set up a distribution strategy unique to your company. If you are considering bringing on a new partner to fulfill your wholesale needs, we are happy to join your team. Fill out the form on the Contact Us page, and we will be in touch within 24 hours to set up a partnership. We look forward to working with you and helping our fellow small business partners in any way we can.