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Roofing Tools You Need For Every Project

Everyone has goals. Whether they are small goals or big goals, we all have things we want and need to get done. With many people creating goals during the new year, it’s important to consider what these goals are and the tools you will need to accomplish them. If your new goal has anything to do with roofing in Milledgeville Ga, there are consistently a few tools you should have on hand which will surely make your job easier. Perhaps this year you plan to read more books, or maybe you plan to cook at home more often, but if your new goal has much to do with your roof, you will find this post essential to finding the right tools.

At Snohomishea, we are proud to sell and distribute some of the finest roofing tools and products. Through our collective industry experience, we’ve compiled a small list of tools you will find absolutely essential.

  1. A hatchet- Most hatchets now have built in utility blades, however, you can also find a magnet on the striking face on many of the newer models. This tool is something you don’t want to climb your ladder without. It will help you to insert the felt cap and nails far quicker than any other tool. This is one of our most popular sellers and we are happy to create wholesale plans for commercial groups to purchase this product.
  2. Pick and Roll Seam Roller- If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you will agree that a pick and roll seam roller is one of the most vital tools for any installation job. While it is small, it will make such a difference when it comes to installing your new product. Paired with a weld probe pick, this dynamic duo will be twice as efficient a your traditional seam roller. Snohomishea does sell and distribute traditional seam rollers. We find that many of our customers are comfortable using this product alone, and if you are doing a mall job, this alone may be fine. However, this dynamic duo is one of our best selling combinations.
  3. Super Shear Shingle Cutter- We sell a wide variety of shingle cutters. Our experts agree that the Super Shear Shingle Cutter is without a doubt one of the best tools on the market. It will cut through some of the thickest laminate shingles with ease and it is even capable of chewing its way through softer metals. Not many other shingle cutters can make that claim, and that is why Snohomishea is proud to sell and distribute this product. This tool also has a shear tension adjustment which allows the user to adjust the variability in pressure between cuffing blades for each material they are cutting through. This feature is quite unique and it is much easier on the hands of the laborers.

As you can see, Snohomishea has established itself as one of the South’s most reliable and cutting-edge roofing tool sellers and distributors. We have a variety of products to meet the needs of the newbie labor to the seasoned single installer.